On May 14, we received a large anonymous donation to help meet strong public demand for the Buyback program. This means we will be open at all three locations from 9-1pm on Saturday, May 18 to exchange guns for gift cards. See the information below for details.

  • What is the Phoenix Gun Buyback program?

    The Gun Buyback program will provide community members an opportunity to voluntarily turn in unwanted firearms in exchange for gift cards, thus working with our communities towards the common goal of reducing gun violence and improving overall safety. In partnership with Mayor Greg Stanton, the Phoenix Police Department, Arizonans for Gun Safety, and various faith - based organizations, the gun buyback event will provide three centralized locations where firearms can be turned in anonymously - no questions asked.

  • When will the Buyback events take place?

    The Buyback events will take place in church parking lots at three locations in Phoenix. On Saturday, May 18th between 9 am and 1 pm, please drop off any firearms at the following locations:

    • West Phoenix:
      Betania Presbyterian
      2811 N. 39th Ave.
    • South Phoenix:
      Southminster Presbyterian Church
      1923 E. Broadway Rd.
    • North Phoenix:
      Sunnyslope Mennonite Church
      9835 N. 7th Street
  • What do I do when I arrive at the Buyback?

    Please bring all firearms UNLOADED. If you cannot unload the weapon, inform the officers when you arrive. Place all firearms in the trunk, back seat (if no passengers in the back seat), bed of truck or glove box of your car. DO NOT HAND FIREARMS TO AN OFFICER. Instead, officers will access firearms from the area of the car that you indicate you placed them. Officers will be at the site to direct traffic, accept the firearms, and answer any questions.

  • What is the reward per gun?

    $100.00 gift card for functioning handguns, shotguns, and rifles.
    $200.00 gift card for functioning assault rifles.

  • What are Assault Rifles defined as?

    For the purposes of the Gun BuyBack, any magazine fed rifle, chambered in .308, .223, or 7.62 x 39 will be considered an assault rifle and subject to the $200.00 gift card. Officers will be on site and available to inspect and answer any questions you have reference your rifle.

  • Will I be able to turn in turn in ammunition and gun magazines?

    The program is buying back firearms only, but we will take and safely dispose of all unwanted ammunition and any extra gun magazines you have.

  • I want to participate, but I am scared to get arrested. Is this really Anonymous?

    Officers will be present for the sole purpose of keeping the area safe while collecting firearms. There will be no record checks, and you will not be asked for any personal information.

  • What kind of gift cards will be distributed?

    The gift cards will be from Bashas’ Grocery Stores. They can be used at Bashas’ or Food City stores and will not have an expiration date.

  • What will happen to the weapons once they are collected?

    All firearms collected during the gun buy back will be destroyed in accordance with Arizona Law. In the rare event the weapon is deemed to be stolen, if applicable, it will be returned to the rightful owner.

  • What about antique weapons or those of historical significance?

    Weapons that appear to have historical value will be evaluated prior to any decision on destruction following all state laws.

  • Where can residents get gunlocks and firearms safety information?

    At each buyback event, information will be given out on gun safety tips – all designed to prevent firearm tragedies. Additionally, Phoenix Police Officers will be present to answer any questions regarding firearms. Supplies of free gun locks were exhausted during the first two Buybacks.

  • How is this program being paid for?

    The program is being paid for by private donations and financially coordinated through Arizonans for Gun Safety.

  • How will residents be informed of this program?

    We will provide detailed information to the media and the public through a variety of mediums including billboards, social media, flyers, and a press release just before the events begin.

  • Who can participate in the Gun Buyback?

    The goal of the program is to make the community safer through creative problem solving, and since we are ALL part of the community, ANYONE can participate from anywhere in the state. Remember, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

For more info:

Arizonans for Gun Safety is a non-profit dedicated to reducing gun deaths and injuries in Arizona communities.

For more information, go to www.azfgs.com or youth blog at www.IAmPhx.org.